Purchasing a Guarantee?

The Application

Your Registered Master Builder will offer you one of our Master Build Guarantees.  If they don't, ask for one, and make sure you select the one that best suits you.

Make sure you read the Terms and Conditions of the Guarantee document carefully.  If you have any queries either discuss them with your builder or phone Master Build Services on 0800 269 119.

The Application Form must be detached from the Guarantee Agreement and completed and signed by you and your builder.  

The builder must then send the form to Master Build Services for approval along with a copy of your building contract.

Note that only work carried out by your Registered Master Builder is covered by the Guarantee.  Anything you do yourself or get anyone else to do is not covered.

The Process

Once approved, Master Build Services will send you an acceptance letter (usually within 14 days).  Make sure you keep this and the Guarantee document on file for future reference.  If you have not heard from Master Build Services within 14 working days of paying the contract deposit, or have any additional queries please call 0800 269 119.

When the building work is finished, both you and your builder must sign a Notice of Practical Completion form and forward it to Master Build Services.  This ensures that the ongoing cover once the building project is finished will be provided.